Crypto Bullion (CBX) is a digital asset with all of the qualities of money. It employs a unique advanced security model which is exceptionally secure and efficient. The problems of today’s debt based fiat currencies find solutions in the cutting-edge decentralized cryptographic currency Crypto Bullion. Designed to function as a store of wealth, Crypto Bullion’s fundamentals emulate the properties and supply of gold.

While Crypto Bullion shares many traits with Bitcoin such as fast global payments, decentralization, pseudo-anonymity, and non-reversible transactions, there are many improvements which allow Crypto Bullion to more reliably store wealth. A critical requirement for storing wealth is a low inflation rate. Crypto Bullion is a very rare exception in that it has completed its volatile inflationary stage and settled into its maximum yearly inflation rate of 2%. It allows prudent savers of Crypto Bullion to earn greater than 2% annual interest on funds held stationary in their respective Vaults (CBX wallets) for more than 1 hour via CBX’s ground breaking Proof-of-Stake-Participation (PoSP) algorithm.


CryptoBullion (CBX) has some great features including energy efficiency, higher security, and supports Windows, Linux, Mac & Android

Launched June 2013

One of the oldest established digital assets available.


Proof of Stake Participation (PoSP) – Dec 31, 2015

Low Latency Block Time

65 Second target block time

One Hour Stake

Staking eligibility after 1 hour

a digital asset that can be stored like a precious metal, used like an interest bearing account, or exchanged as a global currency


   Understanding the Need for

In order to understand the need for cryptographic currencies like Crypto Bullion, we must consider a number of fundamental challenges with our current financial system, and the solutions that cryptographic currencies provide. The world’s currencies are referred to as debt-based fiat currencies because they are not backed by a physical asset like gold, and can burden up to 30 participants with debt for each actual dollar in reserve, creating the potential for bank runs. It helps to realize that when a credit card is used to purchase something, dollars are created , and when you pay it off, dollars are destroyed. This scheme is referred to as fractional reserve banking and can not happen in a digital currency system without the owner’s knowledge because the supply is strictly controlled by a decentralized protocol.

We are beginning, as a society, to understand the dangers and inefficiencies found in centralized systems as corruptions and self destructive processes manifest themselves with no true remedy. As our society looks for answers, they are being found in technological advances which allow us to connect with each other in more meaningful ways which do not require a third party. Cryptographic currencies provide the convenience of cash, with neither the excessive centralized printing, nor the potential for censorship or sanctions which block the transmission of funds. A new economy is forming with various crypto-currencies attempting to fill different roles within the ecosystem. It is imperative that we capitalize these technologies through careful investment to allow for the necessary development which will enable them to be a major part of modern society. To quickly learn more about the crypto-markets, see the Investor Brief section.

Trust in crypto-currencies must begin with a basic understanding of how the system functions and how to use it. Technology has existed for decades now which allow us to verify that a message was signed by an individual. This authentication technology is now used to prove that the holder of a private wallet has sent funds from one wallet to another. Keeping this key secret is the responsibility of each participant and this responsibility is the price for the freedom enabled by cryptographic currencies. Every transaction that has ever occurred is recorded in a distributed ledger which proves the current balance of all wallets in order to validate further transactions. Blocks created every 60 seconds containing all of the new transactions are added to the top of the block chain and further serve to set all previous blocks in “cryptographic” stone. For more details on how Crypto Bullion’s decentralized protocols provide trusted security and honest money, see the Learn More section.

In order to get a glimpse of what the future cryptographic currency ecosystem could look like we must accept that there are many different roles to fill, and it is difficult for one currency to efficiently fill all roles. A store of wealth, like Crypto Bullion (CBX), must have a low inflation rate to preserve capital and reduce volatility. Stability can also be encouraged if the bearer is allowed to earn interest on savings stored unspent for a specified length of time. A currency must have a higher inflation rate to slightly exceed the adoption rate. This provides liquidity and encourages spending which furthers the expansion of the participant base. A market gateway must also have a higher inflation rate to match adoption so that liquidity is maintained which enhances the access to each of its markets. The market gateway also insulates the cryptographic currencies and stores of wealth from the market fluctuations caused by volatile shifts in demand for fiat currencies vs. crypto-currencies as a whole. For more information on these dynamics, see the Market Fundamentals section.


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