So you have been gifted a Crypto Bullion Promo Card…

Well, first of all, congrats and welcome to the digital currency revolution!

Much like the Internet and email have transformed society and how we communicate, digital currencies are poised to transform the way we bank and exchange finances. One such digital currency positioned for this paradigm shift, Crypto Bullion (CBX), is a digital compliment to precious metals. Exhibiting the rarity of less than 1 million divisible units in circulation while allowing for a 2% yearly monetary growth, CBX has been designed to mimic the properties of money and supply of gold.

If you have any questions, please submit an inquiry through the website to obtain assistance from the CBX Development Team.

Again, welcome to the financial revolution!

The Crypto Bullion Promo Card campaign is currently suspended, but will soon be reinstated after the launch of the new Smartphone Vault in December.

A convenient tool to help explain what Crypto Bullion is


   Understanding CRYPTO BULLION

Ever wish you had a convenient tool to help explain to your friends and family your interest for crypto-currencies, what a crypto wallet looks like?

Dissatisfied with the current limited awareness of Crypto Bullion, among friends, colleagues at work and family?

Want to help increase your Crypto Bullion holding’s value without working very hard?

Or perhaps just looking for a cool and original item to show off with at your next reunion?

Just give us your postal address via our contact page and we will send you some Mobile Promo Cards.

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