Crypto Bullion can be bought with USD by first purchasing Bitcoin on a popular fiat exchange such as Coinbase or Bitstamp, and then trading for CBX on any one of the exchanges listed to the right. There is also a way to use PayPal, which complies with its Terms of Service, to sell $USD for Bitcoin at an online exchange website called VirWoX. Details can be found by viewing this instructional graphic: How to buy Crypto Bullion (CBX) with PayPal. A more exhaustive list of ways to acquire Bitcoin can be found on this page.

For greater security, the funds should be transferred from the exchange to a private Vault (CBX wallet) located on an electronic device (downloadable here).

Crypto Bullion may also be earned through interest on savings through a periodic process called Minting which requires the CBX wallet software. Minting is very easy and only requires the owner of the CBX to open and unlock their CBX wallet and after 1 hour they will become eligible to earn greater than 2% compound interest on their holdings relative to how many other CBX are actively Minting at the same time.

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