Vault Software

Latest version is 2.4.4 (released March 2018)

– Fixed forking issue

Select the Vault software below designed for your Operating System

Checksums for v2.4.4:

  • Windows Installer: MD5 Sum – 31a0f34efd4c8d5b71b721f9e30ec37d
  • Windows QT: MD5 Sum – 62c9b298283f9b7b1e2c89c32a86ec48
  • Linux 32 bit (v2.4.3): MD5 Sum – fbd930503b38ecc08e0c90f1b51f8557
  • Linux 64 bit: MD5 Sum – 815c772ced02dfb6752ba398c2c7afc8
  • Mac OSX: MD5 Sum – 044e2d362e32de2664b1a32abf472ac8


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