Vault Software

Latest version is 2.3.4 (released May 20th, 2016)

– New protection for concurrent access
– Fixed synchronization issue
– New option to change design: black (old skin) or white! Just go in Settings > Toggle skin to black/white
– New splash screen, thanks to FiniteRed

Select the Vault software below designed for your Operating System


Windows Installer: MD5 Sum – f05c972c5f92a44c204689bfcf72abb5

Windows QT: MD5 Sum – 71532083efbc14243ca2b04af2f98f25

Linux 32 bit: MD5 Sum – f42c22c8283c8fefe7c6c18458110aaf

Linux 64 bit: MD5 Sum – 7f302a60e531bdce129f74a54bea0250

Mac OSX: MD5 Sum – d72c6c06e5ca758240a0932bf2fbb823

Bootstrap file: MD5 Sum – 2459FE16846FB8C2A4051D3F7DF3219E

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