With modernisation world is witnessing many changes with time. It is no amusement with how advanced the things have grown into. If you need to purchase any product, you do not have to go out looking for it in hundreds of shops and instead you prefer getting it online. With exciting offers and discount, it also becomes exciting and feasible for you to shop. We are walking through the digital world today already and are waiting for such advancements in advance. Such digitalization has improved the growth of the counties not just fundamentally but also economically. Cryptocurrency is also a great example of digital world. Cryptocurrency is nothing but a digital currency which made a jump through educational platform when the encryption technology cryptography did not just remain a virtual format of knowledge but entered the real world and introduced Bitcoin. Just when this currency was introduced it started getting investors and started growing with pace. Soon, it got huge investments from big brands like Microsoft and the value of bitcoin raised to about 233$ per coin, which in no way is a small amount and this became a day to remember in the history of cryptocurrency.


Though it is still facing many challenges in the markets and almost is stuck in between the debates of what are the future scope of this currency and specially the bitcoin. This debate caught an urge and currency was banned in many countries including India although the growth did not stop. Even today, the bitcoin value is rising with time and has got many leading competitors too trying to raise their bars in order to stand right by the shoulders to bitcoin.

Such currencies are like Ripple: Founded in 2012, this system is not just a currency but also a mode of payment in which people may perform the transaction in any currency format to another ripple account holder. This technology is catching the improvement pace very rapidly and is predicted to become the leading competitor of Bitcoin in future. Similar to this, Litecoin is also catching the fame very quickly. It is also considered as a leading rival to Bitcoin in the present scenario and is designed in order to provide people with a way through which they can perform the small transactions quicker. The maximum limit of transaction is also four times compared to the Bitcoin, eighty-four million dollar at once which would take mere 2.5 seconds to finish the transaction, which is also one-fourth the transaction time in Bitcoin currency system and hence with beating the major drawbacks of Bitcoin, Litecoin is making its position in the market with high values.


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