Cryptocurrency has always commanded a large audience and has also shown us ways in which we can use the underlying blockchain functionality, which will improve the current systems. Cryptocurrency booming and revolution has been referenced a lot of times, but the question is what can be expected from cryptocurrency in the next few years. Since it has changed a lot over the last couple of years, we should see if it will affect our lives in ways that we don’t know yet.

Some people predict that the next couple of years will see considerable changes in cryptocurrency as institutional money continues to enter the market. This would mean that big investments would take an intense revolutionary step forward. The number of daily cryptocurrency interactions is going up per year, every year, this clearly indicates growth and in a positive way. Moreover, there is also a big possibility that cryptocurrency may get floated on the NASDAQ, which can potentially add further credibility to the blockchain and its uses. Some even cite that in the year 2019, we would see a shift in a leading force behind cryptocurrency. If Bitcoin opens a vault and lets the mainstream to understand the complexities of cryptocurrency, it will see cataclysmic changes in the near future.


Just like for everything, there are critics of cryptocurrency and also its uses in the future, and some of these critics cite that the volatility of Bitcoin especially may actually render the coin boom to be worthless. It is undoubtedly possible that Bitcoin may actually lose its value as other alternatives may gain immense value and end up taking the market share, which would have been reserved for Bitcoin. This possibility actually combines with the idea that cryptocurrency is actually just the start of what blockchain functionality actually offers.

There have also been many people that have predicted that the U.S economy’s Bull Run may end and that crypto could soar. In today’s world, the American is actually enjoying its longest bull run in their history. But nothing actually lasts forever and the good times may actually have to come to an end, and when this happens blockchain will successfully be there to attract many investors who are looking for the next big and great project or product. Cryptocurrencies will surely provide some appealing alternatives to currencies if the inevitability of market correction becomes real. Because of it not being tethered, crypto coins can surely their value a lot easier in the face of any economic strife. When any other currencies falter, people can turn to blockchain to adequately safeguard their savings and also have some money across the borders. This can strengthen the footprint of technology; in the meantime, the economy surely struggles.


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